Places of Interest

Turtle Sanctuary Cherating

Visit the sanctuary by the Chendor Beach during the night and await the alerts when the turtles come up shore to lay eggs. Educate yourself as well as it is also an information centre about turtle reservations.

Natural Batik Village

Experience firsthand batik painting, be hands on and you may bring home your own creative artwork. With the wide selection of souvenirs available at the shop, you will definitely return home hands full.

River Cruise (Minimum 02 persons)

Enjoy the picturesque landscape of a 500-year old mangrove forest reserve that spreads along the Kuantan River as you hop on the river cruise that brings to the fishing village, swamp area, the 250-metre wooden walkway at the mangrove forest and the Medan Ferry.

Hanging Bridge

Walk across the hanging bridge overlooking the tranquillity of Sungai Rimau and proceed with sightseeing tour across Kolong Pahat, a physical peculiarity of heritage living. The tour then heads off to embracing the nature further with river-trekking along Sungai Rimau.

Sungai Lembing

Driving through the rustic town of Sungai Lembing is as though returning to the authentic bygone days. The charm of the town is forged by its historical element of the British Colonial invasion back in 1906.